Review: Frosts Garden Center Brampton Easter Egg Hunt & Decorating


Buckden Road, Huntingdon, PE28 4NF

BananaFairyCakes 07-Apr-2014 (Mumsnet Local Cambridgeshire Reviewer)

Sponsored Post: I went with my two boys to find that the Easter Egg decorating didn’t actually start with an egg, it started with a bunny hunt. The reward for finding four bunnies around the garden centre was mini eggs and then we were let loose on the big eggs by the very friendly Barbara!

They were well organised with a pot of icing and a stick to attach sweets to the eggs. There were also ample sweets so if some “go missing” you can still have a well-decorated egg 🙂

Colouring pictures kept the eldest entertained while the youngest was finishing off then the eggs were wrapped nicely so they can be given as presents (if they last that long). Vegetarian sweets were also available.

At £5.99 per child I think it’s good value – the boys enjoyed themselves and you get a good egg, with that personal touch that only child-led decoration can supply!


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