Lady your 12 months are up…

When I left work to go on maternity leave, the 12 month deadline seemed so far away it was impossible to make plans for the return. Shockingly, what appears to have happened  is the fastest year in the history of the world. The days have blurred  into weeks and the months have slid by like a film montage.

What has been achieved?

  • First & foremost the baby that was small, scrunched up and only made its feelings clear by crying, has turned into a chubby, delightful almost one year old that sleeps through the night.

  • The loft has been cleared although it is filling up with items that are being rapidly discarded by the new baby, (I’m not sure why there are absolutely no plans to have more)
  • Shelving has been put up (I’m now well practiced with a power drill)
  • The garden has been used rather than it being a place that always seems to need work.
  • Oh and the insides of the kitchen cupboards have actually been properly cleaned

Hey ho, the day job has been on the phone, passwords need to be set up, access needs to be given the young whippersnapper who has been doing the day job needs to vacate the seat.

Financially it makes sense to work, bills need to be paid, a career needs to be kick-started. Emotionally is a different story, watching the baby turn into a one year old has been amazing. Not something I want to hand over to someone else and pay them for the privilege.

Maternity leave has been a privilege & everyday has been enjoyed, being able to step out of the daily grind to take stock is a great experience. Heading back to work to do the 9-5 is daunting & sourcing affordable childcare has been a nightmare but that’s a blog post for a different day.


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