How to make your home child friendly & stylish: Part 1

Guest post: 1. Decorating for babies
It’s easy to plump for pastels yet many new mums and dads want to buck the trend and do something different for their baby. Pink for girls and blue for boys seems just too obvious, but before you dismiss them give a few moments thought to the benefits. All pastels are tints of stronger colours as they’ve had white added to dilute the strength of hue and soften the effect. They are considered soothing, calm and loving and are thus a sensible first choice. So whether you choose blue, pink or another colour, you will be pleased with pastels. I suggest you avoid yellow as this is a colour proven to make babies cry; I wish I’d known that when my babies were small!

1Child friendly IKEA June 2014Remember the ceiling as well as the walls as baby spends a lot of time on his/her back. This image, from IKEA, shows how you can make the ceiling really feel part of the room. I suggest you use a washable paint on areas likely to get wear and tear as this will help you keep the room looking good. Some paint manufacturers make their colours available for many years so be sure to make a note of the colours used for when you want to touch it up.

Top tip: write the manufacturer’s name and reference for the paint colour on the wall in a corner somewhere.

It’s a modern trend to use the two graphic neutrals. black and white, in home decor and it makes sense in the nursery as they give baby early visual stimulus. Attracted to the strongly contrasting colours, babies focus their attention on the patterns. If you don’t fancy black and white, you could use navy and white or chocolate brown and pale cream.

And finally, avoid using wallpaper in toddler’s rooms, because they do ‘rough it up’ quite quickly. I know with so many lovely patterns available it’s hard to stop looking at them, so if you are tempted just be prepared to redecorate a bit sooner.

Yasmin Chopin is an interior designer based in the UK. She designs interiors, writes about interiors, teaches interior design and speaks about interiors. She has an active presence internationally on social media and her website blog,, displays the ‘Blog with Integrity’ badge. To download this series of posts in pdf format and for lots more interiors ideas join her mailing list.


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