How to make your home child friendly & stylish: Part 5

Guest post: 5. Sharing spaces

The smallest room in the house might be designated the nursery but won’t be used as such forever. Eventually it could become a home-office or a walk-in wardrobe and if this is the case in your house you might like to decorate with colours that work for you as well as baby. Peel-off stickers and decals, that can easily be removed, are excellent nursery decor. This image, from John Lewis, shows a very nice feature wall that leaves the rest of the room free for an easy transition.

6Child friendly John Lewis cot Stockholm and alpabet

Kids’ things will spill over into other areas of the home no matter how hard you try to keep it tidy. It’s difficult to keep toys and books, clothes and changing gear, under control but possible if you have designated areas. Storage boxes, baskets, and drawers have to be easy to keep clean, durable and safe. Plastic is king! You may think the material itself isn’t chic or elegant but research carefully and you will find some stylish accessories that look as good in the lounge as they do in the nursery.

It’s worth remembering to make children of all ages feel welcome in the adult rooms and a bean bag or a child friendly rug makes a comfortable place for your child to sit with a book. These are practical and fun items that easily blend into all decors. You could go to the expense of having child sized upholstered furniture, which is very cute, and if you do I suggest you buy the very best so the piece lasts a long time and becomes a family heirloom

Yasmin Chopin is an interior designer based in the UK. She designs interiors, writes about interiors, teaches interior design and speaks about interiors. She has an active presence internationally on social media and her website blog,, displays the ‘Blog with Integrity’ badge. To download this series of posts in pdf format and for lots more interiors ideas join her mailing list.


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