Crafty Monkey Pottery Painting Studio – the Summer Stress Saviour…

cm2 Guest Post by the lovely Chrissy Brown:
‘Help meeeeeeee! It’s day two of the summer holidays and my children have left me teetering on the edge of locking myself in the potting shed with a Toblerone and bottle of Blue Nun at 9am! However can I possibly ever restore myself to an acceptable level of sanity?’

This is a sentence that we hear almost daily…
Well, OK, maybe not those exact words and maybe not quite so often but you get the idea…

We know that you understand the sentiment only too well! And at Crafty Monkey Pottery Painting, Build a Bear and Craft Studio, we have lots going on in the holidays to keep your children entertained. From pottery painting to decoupage to build a bear, either join in with the fun or sit back relax over a cup of coffee as your children are absorbed.

If your children are five years or older then book them onto one of our fab workshops. Our summer workshops are the perfect place to bring your children to get crafty- mum’s can drop their children off and have some uninterrupted time to browse the shops, catch up on jobs or seek pastures filled with solace and sanity for an hour or two! Be assured your children will be entertained and absorbed in the project they are working on.

cm1From canvas painting to decoupage creating, we have a workshop to suit the taste of every child who likes to get creative. And for those of you who are familiar with Despicable Me (if not, where have you been?), come along to our Paint a Minion Plate workshop… but be sure to ring in and book your place soon, as places are being snapped up. Look at our website for details and to decide which workshop your child would get stuck into, or feel free to book in to all of them!

Perhaps you’ve assumed that for the rest of our days, the staff here read gossip columns and file our nails? Again, you’d be wrong (none of us have any nails thanks to working in the back with a large kiln!) but manicures aside, every day in the studio is packed with fun and laughter…and mess!
When the children aren’t busy splashing the colours of the rainbow over unsuspecting pottery princesses and dinosaurs, they’re filling innocent little bears with magic food (stuffing!) and designing little t-shirts to dress them up in.
Then along come the babies and toddlers…all ready and willing to have their hands pressed in clay or painted for prints on mugs, plates, vases and the likes… it can get quite lively in our happy little studio of crafty magic!

cm4To top the bill of fun filled fabulousness, there are our parties. Pottery, Build-a-Bear, Decopatch and guest appearances from other crafty projects- these parties aren’t just for the titchy ones. We have Hen Dos, Team Building; you name it, we’ll do it!

Entertaining the kiddies aside, why not come and try pottery painting yourself?
You don’t need to be the world’s greatest artistic talent to create your own pottery masterpiece!
Did you know that pottery painting is very relaxing and therapeutic and doesn’t cost as much as a beauty salon. If you fancy popping a pattern on a tea pot or sponge printing a plant pot- we’ll show you how.

Come and paint with the children or perhaps you would prefer to come with friends to our Adult evenings are on Thursdays until 9pm. During these hours, we can usually hear ourselves think a little more…especially as you’re invited to bring a bottle with you and kick backcm3 a little.

Rummage through our website, call your friends, grab your calendar and get calling soon to book yourselves into our studio. Whether it’s getting the grown up girls together for a craft filled gossip or bringing your tiddlers to wipe their noses on our sleeves while they paint, you won’t regret your well-deserved visit to Crafty Monkey. The added bonus being that we get to clean up the mess afterwards and you don’t need to lift a finger! Don’t worry about us though… we have magic wands.

If you want to see a selection of the fun packed ingredients that make up our magic, visit our website , drop by the Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. 01480 219222


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