How to make your home child friendly & stylish: Part 6

Guest Post: 6. Light and bright

A black out blind is essential to make baby feel secure and sleep well but don’t have this as your only option; adapt to different exterior light conditions by using a combination of blind and drapes. Make sure baby is positioned so he/she isn’t looking directly towards bright light, artificial or natural.

When your child is older and using a bed, there is a strong possibility that he/she will get out and start moving around in the middle of the night. A little light in their room will help them avoid bumping into things. A night-light is often used for this purpose and gives just enough light for safety without it being so bright it keeps them awake. I’ve seen a night light that has a day-time/night-time indicator, which helps toddler understand when it’s ‘sleep time’. Toddler might be encouraged to go back to sleep again if it still shows ‘night-time’ when he/she wakes up, fingers crossed!

A good tip with interiors generally, and no less important in the nursery, is to use a variety of different light sources. You and your child will need some task lighting, as well as a night-light, something suitable for reading in bed and this is often a bedside light or a wall light placed at the bed head. In this image, from House to Home, a reading light is placed near the easy chair.

7Child friendly Blue-Strip-Childs-Bedroom-Style-at-Home-HousetohomeA pendant lamp fitted with a dimmer switch for night and low light levels gives added flexibility. Paper lampshades for pendant lights are popular in the nursery, however, I suggest thinking ahead and installing a more permanent light fixture. Consider something that you will really enjoy and that will work whatever the room is used for in the future. Don’t forget adequate lighting in corridors, landings and bathrooms as a young child may have to ‘pay a visit’ in the middle of the night. Inset LEDs in skirting boards are fairly easy to install and little recessed spots placed just above stair treads are great; both provide a very pretty, low to the ground, light source.

Yasmin Chopin is an interior designer based in the UK. She designs interiors, writes about interiors, teaches interior design and speaks about interiors. She has an active presence internationally on social media and her website blog,, displays the ‘Blog with Integrity’ badge. To download this series of posts in PDF format and for lots more interiors ideas join her mailing list.


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