How to make your home child friendly & stylish: Part 7

Guest Post: 7. Learning and play
A brightly coloured mobile above the cot will fascinate baby. This can be attached to the cot or hung securely from the ceiling. Ideally made from soft and safe materials it should be out of reach so baby cannot pull it down. You may need to keep moving it further away as baby grows so consider a fixing that is safe but has flexibility.

As shown in this image, from House to Home, a child sized table and chair is a good investment and an encouragement to little ones to sit and concentrate. Place this furniture on a colourful rug to make a creative area and you will provide a spot to develop drawing skills with pencils and crayons and have fun. Paper, crayons, pens and pencils, along with paints and brushes, can all be stored nearby in boxes or bags.

8Child friendly IH-Nautical-boys-bedroomIf your child enjoys the experience of sitting at a desk, homework won’t seem quite so bad. It starts in the early years so have a place ready for a star chart and an area for prized possessions brought home from play school and pre-school. These areas can be included in your planning so even if baby hasn’t yet arrived, you will know how the home will to adapt as time goes on.

Help your child learn to dress by putting out, on a chair or clothes stand, a set of clothes the night before. If you like to include your child in the decision over what to wear it’s best done the night before because you don’t want the possibility of procrastination, or worse, during the morning rush.

Toys and more toys; how many does your child need? Build readily accessible storage systems and adult accessible storage for toys that can be brought out later. An excess of toys reduces the pleasure and it’s much better for a swop around now and again, keeping well loved favorites close by.

Yasmin Chopin is an interior designer based in the UK. She designs interiors, writes about interiors, teaches interior design and speaks about interiors. She has an active presence internationally on social media and her website blog,, displays the ‘Blog with Integrity’ badge. To download this series of posts in pdf format and for lots more interiors ideas join her mailing list.


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