How to make your home child friendly & stylish: Part 8

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Sponsored post: 8. Keeping it all in order

The nursery might become a walk-in wardrobe for you one day but in the meantime this room, which is usually the smallest in the house, has to accommodate cot, furniture and all baby’s stuff, so space is at a premium. You need somewhere to store clothes and hang things up but really, do you need a wardrobe? As in this image, from House to Home, I would say not in the early years and wardrobes are a disaster waiting to happen; a good hiding hole to play out Narnia stories or a frightening place to get trapped. Yes, my lovely son did get in and closed the door, then managed to tip the wardrobe over. He was five at the time and the danger never occurred to me as it was a heavy old-style wooden wardrobe, but you never can tell. It got screwed to the wall after that of course and no harm was done.

9Child friendly Girls-bedroom-with-storage

A hat rack with hanging rail, more usually seen in the hall, is ideal as baby’s first clothes hanger. Attach it to your nursery wall, possibly above a chest of drawers, at a height that suits you. Clothes on hangers can be stored here, in view, so you know what you’ve got available for next day. This arrangement works for babies and children up to about the age of 6 years; it’s only when your child wants to start getting dressed on their own and picking from the wardrobe that you have to bring it all down to child height. At this point you could consider having two rails in a wardrobe, one higher up for keeping the good stuff clean and crease free and one lower down for child access.

Nightwear, underwear, jumpers and accessories store well in containers in open shelves or in a chest of drawers. Try and keep the items separate and if you have been lucky enough to benefit from ‘hand-me-downs’ then keep only items that currently fit in the bedroom. Every 3 – 6 months you can have a sort out and replenish or refresh the stock.

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