Bubble Bum Inflatable Foldable and Portable Car Booster seat, 4- 11 years 15-36 kgs

Bubble Bum were kind enough to send Mumsnet Local Cambridgeshire some inflatable booster seats to test and review.

photoThey include a handy guide for quick & easy set up, which took seconds..
a) attach seat belt clip b) blow up.

Before inflation the seat is small, light & would certainly fit in a rucksack or school bag, handy if you were sending your child home with another parent. Once blown up the seat felt sturdy & not as bouncy as expected, its an attractive looking seat that shouldn’t cause arguments about being ‘too girly’ or ‘that’s a boys seat’


I had been looking for a while to find a narrow booster seat to fit between my existing two car seats, this inflatable seat is an ingenious idea. It fits easily between the two seats, admittedly the gap is tight but the main thing is I can safely squeeze an additional child in the car.

It looks small compared to the more traditional booster seat but the 7yr old who has been testing it all week assured me that it was very comfortable. It’s very simple and quick to fit, something to note if your child normally fastens their own seat belt – check that the belt has been fed through both of the red loops.

The seat gave the 7yr old the required height & the seat belt clip makes sure there is no seat-belt cutting across the neck. After a week of daily use the seat did not deflate and remained very comfy for the 7yr olds derriere.

The seat is fabulously small and compact and easy to keep in the car, & because it dosen’t take much room up in the boot it means the 18mth old & the 7yr old will be getting extra presents from Santa this year….

Bubble Bum Inflatable Foldable and Portable Car Booster seat,  4- 11 years 15-36 kgs

P1010160I received this free of charge for the purpose of review via my Mumsnet Local Editor Cambridgeshire.
I love this seat, its so portable. Granny was pretty impressed with it too, I have to admit I did wonder how she would cope with sliding the seat belt through the loop but she didn’t have a problem.

I had no problem blowing it up & attaching the shoulder belt positioning clip. We were testing the new Neon Yellow & It looks good & would hide drink & food stains nicely. The seat had no problem fitting in both back & front seats of my VW & once the child has been positioned & clipped in here is no chance of it moving around. Its very small & deflates/inflates easily making it easy to hand over to other parents & grandparents & I suspect it could save some money if flying abroad & you didn’t want to hire a booster seat on the other side.

I asked the child if it felt comfy & safe, ‘Yes’, Do you like the colour, ‘Yes’ Is it heavy, ‘No’.
I did find it bit tricky feeding the seat belt through the loop on the far side but I think a bit of practice might improve things. Overall a lovely, handy product that I shall keep using (& most likely sharing) – thanks


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