Become a Local Ambassador

Would you like to be a Local Ambassador for Mumsnet Cambridgeshire? 

Would you like to meet local parents in your area?

Do you think you could organise an occasional meet-up?

It could be coffee & cake or an evening in the local pub. You’ll have a key role in building a local community for the mums, dads, carers & grandparents in your area.

As a Local Ambassador you would have your own area. If your areas not listed we can create a tab for you or get in touch with us to find out if the current Ambassador would like a little help.

You give up as much time as suits you, some of our LA’s organise weekly meet ups, others do monthly ones. Its a great way to meet other parents and form new friendships. We also ask you to add the occasional listings & reviews.

We are working towards arranging discounts for ambassadors with our advertisers and local businesses, you would get a shiny MN card (which you could use to negotiate your own discounts) & your own page to put meet-up details on.

You could use the role to boost your CV and expand your skill set.

Email for more info:


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